Monday, September 19, 2016

Donald Trump IS transparent

He has been totally up front about his lack of ethics or character - doesn't need either, would just get in the way of business deals that benefit him.

He's been crystal clear in showing that this moment's truth is whatever benefits him & if that changes tomorrow or in the next hour, so be it.

He has no qualms about using high-ranking military officers & decorated vets as a literal human shield to fend off any barbed comments from the press about his egregious manipulation of the media for his own political AND professional ends.

He does not espouse a single ideal or idea that does not benefit Donald John Trump.

He will, if elected, reconfigure the office of the president to comply with what he wants to do - the fluff stuff, leaving the meat & potatoes for Mike Pence, who is also open & above board about intending to fashion any Pence vice presidency on Dick Cheney's.

Trump openly embraces Vladimir Putin, admires the governing tactics of political strong men who are our enemies, has no attention span, cannot communicate in coherent thoughts, insults people like a grade school bully, makes no bones about admiring bullies.

The list could go on & on.  Donald Trump has been & continues to be completely open - transparent - about the countless ways he would be a disaster in the White House.  This week, he played the press.  He set up scenario where he can - honestly - point out the press en masse criticizing him (left them on the airport tarmac while he took off, set up the "press conference" debacle that was an infomercial for his new hotel & an endorsement event on steroids), refusing to do any debates because they are biased. 

We know he is a modern P T Barnum, who also believes there's a sucker born every moment.  He makes no bones about it.  But he is SO outrageous, SO self-serving, SO oblivious of anyone's opinion desires intentions except his own, he captivates rather than repulses.  Like one of those snakes who are fabled for hypnotizing a victim before delivering a fatal bite.

We know that Trump favors the lyrics to the song, The Snake, because of its closing lines, where the viper admonishes the person who saved his life, nursed him back to health, only to be fatally bitten by the very creature he'd protected - "You knew what I was when you took me in."

Charles Blow captures it, in today's NY Times - "This is what is so baffling about the people supporting him: They know he’s lying, but they so want to believe the lies that they have pushed themselves into a universe of irrationality that is devoid of logic."

Sadly, Mr. Blow shows he doesn't get the reality of Donald Trump, going on to write - "No one who so proudly wears the mark of dishonesty and defamation possesses the power to grant the stamps of legitimacy and absolution."  Sure he can - and did.  The media has so thoroughly normalized Donald Trump, what would devastate any other politician in any other time simply adds to his superhuman allure. 

There is a reason so many Americans believe Donald Trump significantly more transparent - as far as his character, not his business dealings - is because he IS.  What we see is what we will get. No matter what the final results, he will have had the time of his life AND even in defeat would find himself a winner. 

As an historian, it's fascinating to watch. Am beyond concern - just enjoying the show.

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