Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beyond belief

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Marco Rubio to CNN's Sara MurrayWe'll need to learn more, but I'm disturbed that while Planned Parenthood, who are the ones that were actually selling off these (body) parts were found having done nothing wrong, the people who tried to expose them are the ones that are now facing criminal charges.

Well, ya see, Sen. Rubio, the reason that Planned Parenthood managed to get off the hook is because they were this littl' ol' thing called INNOCENT.  Not quite sure how I can explain this in simple enough words that the honorable gentleman from Florida can grasp.  Will try.

The Houston grand jury probe was requested by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who was clear about the outcome he expected - “The people of America and the people of Texas will not accept this callous attitude toward human life, and I will not accept it.” - when he announced the investigation at a press conference last August.  

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Oops.  The grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of allegations that they'd set out to profit from the sale of fetal tissue.  Like the other thirteen states investigating Planned Parenthood, it found zip zero zilch evidence of any illegal activity.

But they didn't stop there.  Turns out the videographers who set out to uncover dirty doin's at Planned Parenthood found no proof of dastardly deeds, so they did what any sensible muck racker would do.  They fabricated it.  

Yup - as the entire world learned soon after the release of the tawdry videos (but a stunning # of conservatives can't process), the videos were HEAVILY edited. How heavily, you may ask?  Well, some scenes included footage that weren't of aborted fetuses, while the most inflammatory bits were picked up on the internet, had NO connection.  Again, none of this is news - we learned it soon after the tapes were released. 

Praise be, what worked with ACORN didn't fly with Planned Parenthood.  The doctored videos were just as ludicrously phony.  Back then, by the time it they were irrefutably uncovered as fake, the damage had been done, the group busted up by false allegations.  

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This time the grand jury not only cleared Planned Parenthood, they indicted David Daleiden & Sandra Merrit for tampering with a government record, a twist the Center for Medical Progress (which produced the series) didn't see coming. 

In a statement release issued after the indictments were handed down, the Center for Medical Progress notes:
The Center for Medical Progress uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws.

Perhaps it can be chalked up to the center underwriting phony journalists, but the First Amendment does NOT make it okey dokey to use any methods necessary to get a story.  Daleiden & Merrit falsified government IDs in order to enter legally restricted areas.  

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Their argument - any & all means should be accepted in pursuit of a doctored story - didn't play with the Houston grand jury, but it makes points with the politicos running for the GOP presidential nod.  Sen. Rubio, you're in good company exonerating Dave & Sandy, blasting PP.  So has Carly, Mike & Ben. Unlike that Texas grand jury, y'all don't care where the evidence leads.  

People who want to serve as our Chief Executive, who want to serve the nation to the best of their ability, united in their refusal to accept facts they just don't like.  Beyond belief.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

the incredible slightness of being a birther

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Return with me now to the thrilling days of yesteryear - well, back to 2008.  Who'da thunk back then that the GOP would have any problem with painting presidential candidate Barack Obama as ineligible because he was (per the theorists) born outside the physical borders of the USA, in spite of being the undisputed child of an American citizen.

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Today, they find themselves in a predicament of their own making.  If they stick to their guns, at least as they were armed & ready for bear back in '08, then Ted Cruz is ineligible to run.  If they disregard their own fervent arguments that the Constitution must be preserved & protected from any wanting to taint the founders' intentions, then they are revealed as hypocrites.  

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That is what my dear old Mama would call being caught between a rock & a hard place.  Will be interesting to see how this all turns out, 'cause the rock ain't changin' & the only other option is for the hard place to turn into quicksand.   

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Reince freed primary cycle?

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Yes - at least according to an article by Newt Gingrich in yesterday's Washington Times.  

Per the article, "A remarkable revolution has taken place quietly but certainly in the process of electing a candidate for president.  For the first time since the rise of the television networks, the center of power in conducting the national conversation of presidential politics has shifted from the news media to the political party. That remarkable achievement has been driven by years of hard work, shrewd strategy and courageous decisions led by Republican National Committee Chair, Reince Priebus."

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Per Newt, far from being hobbled by Donald Trump, the RNC has been aided by his non-traditional campaign for the nomination.  "The very first debate, on Fox News in August, drew 24 million viewers. This may have matched the viewership of the 10 least-watched 2012 debates combined. It was an astonishing result.  The scale of debate viewership turned broadcasting the debate into a cash cow for the television networks. Suddenly, what had been a public service became a profit center."

An interesting take, putting Reince in the driver's seat of what has been looking like a bus seized by folks fighting for permanent control of the wheel. 

Go for it, Newt - if nothing else, it's an engaging ponder in the midst of what looks to most of the nation & the world as a careening mess.

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Striding to Switzerland

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No, no, no!  That should read "striving to be Switzerland"!  At least, politically.

Some of my friends are staunch conservatives, while others are fervent liberals.  True in 2016, true in 1996 & earlier.  Unlike my sister - Mim started out as a die-hard Wm F Buckley conservative, ended her days an Elizabeth Warren progressive - I've always been a radical centrist.  Over the past few election cycles, I've striven to be a balance between often polarized political ideologies.  I have my own point of view, but do what I can to see the arguments being made by each side, presenting as best I can without bias.

The right seem inclined to paint Democrats as "argula-eating" liberal elitists with have no awareness or appreciation of "real" America.  They seem united in calling out liberals as unpatriotic, feel free to call them out as downright treasonous, - without fear of party leaders, who stay resolutely mute even as extremists call for hanging of our president.  

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Liberals tend to deride & ridicule their conservative counterparts, using them as a gold mine of joke material rather honoring their belief in God, the flag & American exceptionalism.

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As we wade into the 2016 primaries, am taking this opportunity to shout from the rooftops my hope to stay as agenda-free as possible in all I write in a political vein, doing my best to be as Switzerlandy as possible, keeping my gaze at the American political landscape as open, curious & unattached as is reasonably possible.  Which should be easy, since NONE of the current possibilities connect with me.  

Now, if Elizabeth Warren was in the race...

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